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Faux Real

pu leather chair

In today’s world of closed doors and discrete conversations it’s hard to know just what you’re “buying into”—even what you’re biting into! With oil spills and barn-yard slaughter houses, the business ethics of today are tight-lipped and firm-handed. Consumers have to research half a doctoral thesis just to be sure they’re not supporting a major […]

PU Leather Fabric Makes the Grade

pu leather fabric couch

Sometimes “fake” just means fake. For example, that watch bought from the shifty eyed-character in Times Square, or a replication Springfield rifle just like the ones used during the Civil War, maybe an innocent—If not empty—compliment to a superior regarding a hideous wardrobe addition. Americans are accustomed to imitation. Some things, however, just give you […]

Pu Leather Isn’t Just for the ‘Burbs

pu leather fabric upholstery

“For about half the cost I’ll get you one with twice the features!” It’s been said 100 times 100 ways by the greasy sales clerk at the discount mall, that uncle that only shows up to family events which involve crock pots and covered dishes, and any street vendor hocking his “latest and greatest” in […]

Imitation Fabrics Are the Real Deal!

pu leather fabric purse

The twentieth century updated countless age-old traditions. The graceful Sunday stroll was streamlined into a Sunday ride. The timeless art of letter writing was honed to a quick email or IM chat. Even the archaic book was shown the light of progress in a new, sleeker Kindle. Nevertheless, in the age of technological leaps and […]